A Online Healing Touch For Top Reiki and Fengshui Master

Event: Aug 2018 To Present

Dr. Sharda Karve is a leading Reiki Master and Fengshui expert in Pune. Her training and consultancy business is much sought after by individuals and companies to “heal” their energies to become highly productive and happy. She had developed her website sometime ago and was expecting it to do well naturally since she was already well known in business circles.

When she met us a few months back indicating that online isn’t working for her, we were actually surprised. The healing and holistic sciences is one of the most sought after business category online. We explored further to identify her pain areas (relevant business leads, right paying customers and utilizing minimum admin time) and formulated a strategic SEO, SEM, SMO and paid marketing (Google Adwords, Facebook marketing, etc) plan around them.

We are seeing her business phone bell ringing and even door bell ringing (walk-in customers via Google My Business). Her staff spends more time booking consultations rather than explaining procedures (already oriented through the website and email/Whatsapp communication) improving their efficiency and business overall.

The next goals?

  • Setting up online consultations/training using Skype/Google
  • eBooks
  • Corporate consultations
  • Pretty exciting times for “Art of Healing”

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