Emailer Impact Program

Event: Sep 2019 To Present

We have all heard that email is getting outdated – especially with the onset of WhatsApp and mobile based utilities – right? Our research shows otherwise. Although statistically, email viewership is reducing, its effectiveness (especially with the B2B scenario) remains intact (in fact improving). While mobile based messaging are quick reads, emailer reads are more relevant and lead to decision making as found out. Emailers are read by engaged audience and hence chances of decision making improve dramatically when compared to other mobile based messaging platforms.

Our 100 day Emailer Impact Program helps you build:

  • Consistent connect with your existing buyers, associates, suppliers, prospects and all stake holders, which is so important for business and branding impact
  • Improved communication with customers on new ideas, reviews and solutions for their industry
  • Improved reputation as being an active contributor to the community
  • Low hanging fruit (existing customers) can be tapped into brilliantly by this simple approach.

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