Cosmetic And Body Care Product Brand In USA And Canada

– BuyQuanta

Quanta Inc, an established cosmetic and body care product brand in USA and Canada needed help with qualitative analysis of their website from an SEO standpoint. While many of their associates tried to help through various third-party tools, the results were far from expected outcomes. Hence, ZoomYourTraffic was summoned to look at the website and their overall web presence.

ZoomYourTraffic applied their proprietary 10-Step Google SEO Checklist to review existing site performance. As expected, we were able to immediately establish key points and metrics that needed attention (meta content and user content being the usual culprits). We advised a program to work on these metrics and it has been successfully implemented for desired results.

ZYT Google SEO Program Roadmap :

  1. 10 Stage Google SEO Checklist
  2. Website preliminary analysis
  3. Competitor analysis
  4. Website SEO Research
  5. Website Optimization