Leading Provider Of Customized Security Solutions

– Ex-Buzz

EX Buzz Solutions is a leading provider (over 35 years experience) of customized security solutions in the field of fire detection, protection and suppression, BMS and electronic security systems across India.

With increased awareness and visibility through social media about security systems, customer driven demand for this expertise is increasing online. Businesses are reaching out to security and fire experts for help and services. Based on their review and customer interactions, EX Buzz felt the need to find a digital partner to rebrand their presence and develop effective CRM interactions and engagement with their customers.

When Ex-Buzz team met us to discuss their challenge, ZYT undertook an exercise through their proprietary 10 step website checklist approach to establish::

  • Positioning for SME and Corporate customers
  • Current visibility online
  • Overall feedback from prospects/customers on the service
  • Targeted industry segments (Relevancy vs Reach)
  • Approach needed to reach out and educate/consult businesses

Accordingly, as part of Stage 1 – Rebuild Online Presence, ZYT initiated the following action plan:

  1. Website revamp for improved Google presence, user engagement and relevant interactions.
  2. Emailer automation program for an enhanced CRM.
  3. Social presence enablement for education and engagement with the audience
  4. Managing and training existing Zoho CRM platform for improved customer connect and conversions.


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