Global Lead Generation For Manufacturing Industry

Starting April 2017

Global Lead Generation For Manufacturing Industry

Starting April 2017


Avg. relevant traffic per month


Avg. time spent on website


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Manufacturing is poised for exponential growth in India and amazing global opportunities await Indian manufacturers. Most companies are happy using local trade directories and mart related websites to showcase their products. This has the following issues:

  • Restricts visibility locally
  • No ownership of the online property
  • Low value or irrelevant leads adding to costs and sales team frustration

When Pinakin, CEO of Veeraja met us, he had similar issues but he had the vision for change and passion to drive his business to the next level. His question was “What’s Next?” rather than the usual “Why Change?”

ZYT carefully studied Veeraja’s business model, sales cycles and prepared an online strategy to target the right customers across India (which was their primary objective). We had the globe in mind. Hence, we developed our strategy to position their business website in a way to address the right audience, to build interaction and engagement with them and develop a communication channel to address prospect queries/questions to build trust and confidence in the business.

Once promotion campaigns were rolled out, the engagements were carefully analyzed for relevancy, requirement and right person. The following observations were seen:

  • Relevant traffic started flowing resulting in
  • Inquiries through website, emails and phone calls
  • 70% of inquiries were relevant, the others needed customization or had low value
  • Inquiries from countries like South Africa, Korea, Poland came up. (This was our goal see?)
  • Inquiries from big Indian corporate started coming in too via Google Search and LinkedIn.
  • Targeted Engagement meant a lesser number of communication iterations leading to
  • Decreased sales cycles
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Cost optimization

Already into the second year – we are working on “hyper relevancy” model now and plan to improve results and business yield for them year on year.

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