• Veeraja Industries @ IMTEX 2019- Event Promotion

IMTEX 2019- Event Promotion

Event: 24th Jan, 2019 To 30th Jan, 2019


  • Veeraja is an industry leader in Industrial Filtration Systems
  • They combine engineering and service to address key objectives of business’ shop floor:
    Optimized space utilization, reduced electricity bills, reduced manpower & improved productivity
  • Based on the past event experience they realized that their potential visitors viewed them as an industrial filtration product exhibitors rather, they wanted to portray themselves as Industrial Filtration Solution Providers
  • We created a plan, to promote their Centralized Filtration System (CFS) at IMTEX, 2019 event


  • To pre-orient and build awareness among the visitors about the Industrial Filtration Systems & Centralized Filtration System
  • To optimize time and cost
  • To leverage online media to reach more potential visitors, to engage and connect them effectively

Action Plan for IMTEX, 2019 Event Marketing:

  • To revamp their entire digital footprint, included website, social handles, and YouTube channel and offline materials, that was previously more like a product catalogue, whereas the new presence was to focus on portraying them as solution provider focused on customer-centric, customer issues, challenges, and their requirements
  • Started building prospects through all these online platforms
  • A special Event Engagement Program was designed for IMTEX 2019

Program Details:
This Event Engagement Program was broken down into 3 stages

  • Stage 1. Pre-Event Awareness Program
  • Stage 2. LIVE Connect
  • Stage 3. Post Event Engagement

Stage1 Pre-Event Awareness:

  • Created Facebook event page
  • Built WhatsApp & Emailer lists to send invitation & reminders to join IMTEX-2019 event
  • Training Veeraja team at event on how shoot videos, capture visitors data, how to go LIVE in social media and how to use the app

Stage2: LIVE Connect [Actual Event]
We daily interacted with the Veeraja team to get event updates, collect photos, videos of visitor’s interaction and broadcasted on all Social Platforms.

Challenges during LIVE event:

  • There was a small issue of Wi-Fi internet connectivity to go LIVE on Social media to capture event
  • To resolve this we collected data through other shared channels & published at ZYT end

Stage3 Post Event:

  • Engagement Started personalized engagement with visitors by addressing their specific requirements who visited booth

ZYT‘s Experience @ LIVE event

  • Attended on 29th & 30th Jan, 2019. Massive experience, the kind of technological advancements that the industry is undergoing & Industry 4.0 is the new mantra
  • Visited exhibitor’s booth, talked to their team. They were happy with the inquiries fairly in line with the objectives set
  • Overall event went very well, as anticipated there were a lot of solution based inquiries. However there are some gaps to be worked on, to make it better for upcoming events

Veeraja IMTEX 2019 Facebook Event Page

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