Adaptive SEO and Online Promotion for

February 2006 – September 2017

Automotix LLC – Leading auto component e-tailer in the USA.

The 10 year association on this project has been nothing short of “education and business” all-in-one package. The journey has been remarkable. Right from the keyword SEO era (pre-2010) to the highly responsive and UX targeted era (post 2012 Google updates), our team at ZoomYourTraffic adapted to all changes to keep delivering sterling results on this project.

The biggest achievement came in 2012 when Automotix LLC was chosen as marquee Google Advertiser company from Kansas for deliver over 25M USD in sales using Google products and services. Boasting of an online inventory of 200 websites and over 100,000 visits per day, Automotix is already moving to the next league of e-com businesses. Thanks to Efi Gershom and his team for their support and guidance in making this project a big success. Efi has been a friend, philosopher and guide for life actually and shaped a lot of processes we implement in our business today.

We have now moved into Conversion Metrics and Analytics with this business and developing projects through our #AdaptiveIntelligence program to give users an unbeatable buying experience online.

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