Unlocking A Locked Brand on Google Search

Event: Sep 2018 – Oct 2018

A leading “Lock” manufacturing brand in India faced a peculiar problem since last year. Its website wouldn’t show up in Google search. Developed in Magento, the site was “locked” and Google’s bots couldn’t reach it to index it.

ZoomYourTraffic was summoned by their marketing and technical team to look into the matter and suggest a solution. With our 10 step website checklist approach, we established the issue on step 7 of that list. Our technical team looked deeper at the site configuration, performed server checks and established the error. It was promptly fixed.

On the 3rd day since it was fixed, Google began to crawl the website. One after another, pages started getting indexed much to the amazement of their teams. As it stands, 90% pages have been indexed already and number continues to grow by the day.

The solution may seem simple but arriving at that 10 step checklist needed 10 years of toil from the ZYT team and its analysts. Job well done… Whom do we unlock next?

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