World Class 3D And Additive Manufacturing Printers

– Lodestar Innovations

Lodestar3D is a leading dealer in world class 3D & Additive Manufacturing printers. With rapid growth in additive manufacturing over the last few years, demand for 3d printed services, products and applications is on the rise, both at retail and corporate levels.

To address this growing marketplace, Lodestar is focusing on getting its online presence ready to serve this demand with supply of top 3D printers based on industrial applications (mention 3-4 industries here).

ZoomYourTraffic is assisting Lodestar (and 3DigiPrints – the services arm of the company) manage their website updates, enhancing engagement and interactions with online visitors and ensuring CRM through a digital outreach approach.

Current set of activities being worked on include:

  • Website revamp
  • Email Automation
  • Prospect database management