Online Branding Using YouTube/Video Content Marketing

Starting September 2015

There are experts and professionals, all over the world, who excel in their field of work and command respect and reach of community needing their help and guidance. Unfortunately, most of them are either from the older generation (non-digital era) or unaware of the online potential or unable to devote time for the same.

When we first met Dolly Manghat, her image was that of a top brand astrologer and psychotherapist in the elite and western corporate communities. After achieving professional success and multiple laurels over 35 years, her vision is reach out the community and help demystify Astrology and help people build their life of health, wealth and happiness.

Challenges with this requirements included:

  • Her brand had to stand out from other traditional astrologers.
  • Demystifying Astrology would be tough considering the general public view of astrology
  • Business viability was as important as Brand presence
  • Being 60+, managing her health was critical
  • we couldn’t exert her to create lot of content or public demanded or frequently. We need to make high quality, low volume content.

We brainstormed these objectives and came up with a plan to use YouTube as our key platform to build her image (people would see her talk to them), connect with her through comments and emails and apply for consultation requests via website.

Some of the Statistics as on 30th Sep 2019

Sessions 4M+


Subscribers 148000+


Views 16 Million+


Subscribers 18000+


Customers 1000+


500,000 YouTube Subscribers, 20 Million views on YouTube, 25000 Active Email Subscribers and 2000 paying Customers

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