Product Sales Via Google Search/Shopping And Amazon

Jul 2010 – Present

When Shaahin connected to us from Iran in 2010, he had setup a business in USA to sell his patented brain supplement product that enhances memory power. A revolutionary product at the time, expanding its reach across the USA and Europe was important to establish brand and market share.

From 2010 to 2012:
We implemented a multi-website approach (over 150 websites were developed) targeted Google search to increase reach and get high rankings to build traffic all over. With established methodology and techniques, we achieved top page rankings on Google and traffic skyrocketed. Sales zoomed as well.

Then Google Panda and Penguin struck…

Many websites began to lose traction due to thin, keyword oriented content.
We had already planned for this and shortlisted a small group of 30 sites that were beefed up with valuable content and user engagement. These sites and products continued to do exceedingly well in spite of massive Google paradigm changes between 2012 and 2015.

Come 2015 – the focus began to shift on Amazon as the prime product store.
We enabled, optimized the product on Amazon and sales skyrocketed in no time.

Multiple variations of products were launched on Amazon and all of them were strategically linked for cross selling and ranking.

We have brought in automation to analyze performance on Amazon using JungleScout and other proprietary developed software tools.

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