Online Brand Building For Individuals

Oct 2015 – Present

Sesh Rao and VRR Damerla are a power couple. Both, well into their seventies, have experienced life to the fullest as you can expect. Mrs Rao is an HR expert conducting workshops, consultations and coaching for budding management students while Mr. Damerla has served the Indian Army, worked in the corporate and is a social activist in Pune. With such a vast and variety of experience at hand, it was but obvious that they decided to pen down their experiences into fictional stories and needed a platform to reach out to people with their work.

We developed a neat strategy to have their presence created:
– Website
– Social Media
– Blogs
– YouTube
– Amazon (for books)
– Book launch campaign plans
– Offline artwork and display

Between the two of them, they have published 3 books so far and all channels keep updated for events, book launches, book reading sessions, feedbacks from viewers, social messages, etc. 2 new books being lined up and ZYT is all too excited about it….

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