HGH 2019- Event Promotion

Event: 5th July, 2019 To 8th July, 2019

A leading Luxury Home Decor brand was participating in HGH 2019 to showcase their new franchise model for home decor stores and outlets. The brand had presence in multiple cities but wanted to penetrate the second tier cities and target virgin territories. Promotion using the traditional media (print, display and tele) had its huge effort, cost and low ROI implications, When we met to discuss this scenario with them, we had a clear plan to:

  • Use digital media to hyper target audience
  • Pre-orient audience to our offerings when they visit our booth at HGH
  • Create action oriented discussions rather than informative ones
  • Engage and Enable them to take decisions for their business

We set out a 60 day action plan for this project – 25 days pre event, 3 days of LIVE event and 32 days of post event engagement.

Pre Event Phase:
This included establishing existing network of outlets and shop associates (the low hanging fruit to tap into for expansion to other territories), reaching new audience (geo-demo targeting using digital and social media) and inviting them to HGH 2019.
Our campaign included a series of themed email campaigns, WhatsApp messaging and Facebook marketing with our brand positioning, our new model, features, etc. Engagement through Q&A, Polls, Forms ensured audience could interact with us to know more. This also gave us vital inputs to categorize audience, their interests, their questions such that model could be further strengthened.
Audience were enciuraged to pre-book their availability for the event and a time slot was scheduled for them to meet our team at the booth at HGH.

LIVE Event:
This included live action from their booth – Presentations for audience, Facebook LIVE chat shows and display ads engaged the audience extensively. Offerings ensured visitors were signing up for demos and next level engagement process with the company.

** MINI CRISIS – Due to excessive rains the HGH 2019 premises was flooded and the exhibition was postponed by 4 days. This meant a last-minute engagement to inform/appeal our visitors to replan their visits and schedules accordingly. However, due to prompt actions and messaging, we were pleased to receive 92% of our pre-registered visitors at our booth.

Post Event Engagement:
A lot of visitor data was collected and apart from thank you reconnects, we categorized the recipients as active, incubators and visitors. Different communication at these levels ensured we were actively addressing their perspective of the opportunity leading to quick decision making.

This is now being discussed to convert into a full time – engagement project to spread reach and explore opportunities in territories not targeted but have immense potential.

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