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Local Business Owner Looking To Drive Customers? – 3 Platforms That Help

Are you a café, a boutique, a salon, a restaurant or any store where customers actually walk into it?

Then using these 3 online business properties, you can really drive more customers to your business. Let’s see how?

1. Google My business. 

Haven’t checked this platform and have you created a profile on it?
If not. Please do it today. 

Backed by powerful Google search, customers can actually see your businesses when they’re moving around the area and can search for terms like a boutique near me, a restaurant near me. 
Your business will show up. And that will help them make a decision to walk into your store. 

Make sure you update on the profile with all the latest information, what are your USPs and keep it fresh and updated all the time. So Google My Business is the first one. 

2. Facebook:

Facebook is often mistaken as a platform to meet friends, say hi, what kind of dress someone is wearing & whereas the next vacation they got planning. No, we need to move beyond that. Facebook is a powerful business platform. 
Use pages, use groups, use events and so many other tools that Facebook has created to make sure business is visible there. 

People are searching on Facebook as well. People can recommend a shop. There are reviews, people can share. You can share your work there. And all this can help you really gain traction and more business to your store. Try it. 

3.Your Business Website:

Assuming that you have a website for your business. If not. Let’s make one today.
It’s very important because the website has replaced the visiting card. 
Customers really want to look into your business, understand your business before they make or walk into the store. 

Therefore having that website updated with the latest content, latest information, great engagement for the customers so that they can make that decision over the competition to get into your store. 

The common factors for all three of these would be to have:
A. Fresh content 
B. Relevant Content
C. Engaging Content and 
D. Is extremely high response system so that when someone connects you have a system where we are responding immediately. This gives the best user experience. 

Customers love to read responses back from web sites clearly knowing that someone is reading them someone is listening to them. 

So if you can create these this kind of ecosystem for your store, then you can really drive traffic and more customers to your business. And the best part of it you can do this yourself. You did not need any support or help. Isn’t that cool. So on that note, I would say bye bye until next time. 

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