3 Deadly Myths Of Lead Generation Using Online Marketing And How To Prevent Them?

As a SMB all of us are trying to generate leads for our business using online marketing these days. Right?

However there are lot of myths associated in the minds of SMB owners on how the leads are generated using online.

So in this video I’m going to talk about 3 such myths that exist in the minds of SMB owners.

Myth1: Once I Build My website the leads will automatically become.

I think it’s a very good thought to have in mind, that once you build a good website leads will automatically start coming. It’s not the case. Just having a website is not going to help. You will have to nurture it just like your regular business. Do keep adding content and keep optimizing it for search, also build your social media presence, blogs content.Unless this happens your leads are not going to come organic way.
Therefore just having a website will not have nurturing that Web site is going to get you those leads.

Myth2: Paid Marketing Equals Leads.

And this again is a very good thought and we really feel that once you put money in Google Adwords and Facebook marketing that the leads are going to come. Does it happen really? I’m sure it doesn’t. Because in most cases you will see the kind of leads that you get from these campaigns are either irrelevant in some cases even junk and why is that?

The reason for that is the campaigns have not been designed keeping your business keeping your target customer in mind. You need to create the copies you need to create ads in such a way that can really establish & identify who is going to see it.

And whether the person is going to connect with you is your prospects customer.

So all this analysis is very critical before starting your paid campaigns because mind you paid campaigns are extremely expensive as you will be very well aware of and therefore unless you plan you will burn money. And therefore paid marketing just by starting paid marketing will not give you leads.

Myth3: Every Connect That Happens Should Be Of A Qualified Lead And A Sale.

And this again is a big myth. Every connect that is happening through your online website may not convert into a lead may not become paying customer immediately. That lead also needs to be nurtured. And in many ways in most cases it would be through talk or one on one meeting or some kind of representation.

In other cases it could be through re-marketing retargeting reconnecting by various means Emailers, whatsapp campaigns. Using these mediums you will have to nurture those connects into leads for future.

It cannot be that someone is connecting you and it becomes your lead and a paying customer within the next five days. It’s not going to happen and you may have definitely observed that right?

Therefore, be very careful in defining your online campaigns in such a way that

  • You get your relevant leads
  • You nurture them well
  • You are really able to one on one connect with them before they become your paying customers.
  • So if we go through this cycle we will be able to see great leads and great paying customers for your business using online marketing.

I hope, I was able to help you demystify some of these myths.

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