Online Retail Diamond Jewelry Brand

– Pelagrino

Pelagrino is a new online retail diamond jewelry brand launched by Diamond Traces Inc in 2021. Aimed at the urban middle class across USA and Europe, competition for pricing and engagement in terms of look-feel of the jewelry were the key challenges when ZoomYourTraffic initiated this project.

While we applied our 3-Stage (Enable, Engage and Empower) approach to increase targeted visibility and outreach, technical constraints like website size, performance on mobile and visual engagement remain our key challenges. To address that our technical teams are working on custom development to super-charge website performance not just for Google but for users too.

Closely working with the customer to build engaging content including 3D product videos, and also testing out AR. Customizing the CRM system to engage the audience is also work in progress and we intend to improve the open, engagement and conversion rates significantly over the next few business quarters.