Lead Generation In Crowded Online Domains – ERP

Mar 2018 – May 2018

ERP Software is one of the most crowded domain in the online world today.

SMBs have typical requirements:
A. Customized application to suit working practice
B. Cost of software
C. Costs and Resources for management.

Our clients, ProERP is a Google Cloud based ERP software addressing major industries and their processes all in one tool. They are looking to aggressively position themselves as a leading Signup-N-Play service for businesses. With cut-throat competition all around – lead generation was becoming a big challenge.

When their team met us to discuss this challenge, ZYT undertook a product study exercise to establish:
– Product features
– Positioning for SME and Corporate customers
– Current visibility online
– Overall feedback from prospects/customers on the service
– Targeted industry segments (Relevancy vs Reach)
– Approach needed to reach out and educate/consult businesses

Primary Business Goal: 60 B-A-N-T qualified leads within 60 days within a scheduled budget.

It was a tough one. Instead of starting up with sales promotions immediately, we went the right way – fixing up the promotional channels, building relevant consulting content, researching the right industries and decision makers to focus and then creating an action plan to reach our goal.

First 15 days: The website was redone with realignment of content for intent and desired calls to action, videos were created to spread the right message and educate/consult customers, set up tracking from various sources to identify user engagement and experience (this is highly overlooked)

Next 25 days: Campaigns generated 122 lead signups. The client’s sales team qualified them with 43 being highly potential and active leads, 27 potential but passive (needed time to evaluate and decide) while 14 potential but needed education for use of ERP.

The right approach helped us deliver results in the estimated budget. Client is curating most of these leads into paying customers!

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